Bishop Eddie Long: If 'Coercion' allegations true - resign and repent

If the allegations by four young men that mega-church Bishop Eddie Long, coerced them into homosexual acts, he has no choice but to RESIGN and REPENT!!!  How can anyone phantom the idea of forgiving and looking the other way when if true, it would make him the most dangerous kind of predator living among us.  A man of the cloth, a champion of God's causes, and deliverer of mercy.  Like the scandal plaguing the Catholic church, this too would be a sick betrayal of trust among the most religious group in America - the Black community views it's churches as homes, fellow church members  are family, and the pastor is held in the HIGHEST esteem.  He is almost perfect - as if God himself.  Right or wrong, most of them are well aware of this and respect such AWESOME power.  But those who get intoxicated by it, tend to suppress their own moral guards, thereby unleashing the ugly beast within themselves - No Pastor - if true, you are not like every body else, you are not David, those boys are, and a mistake is not praying on the innocent and the weak - especially when it is the very power which flow from them - that you used to victimize them!