Obama and America wins - Romney and GOP must Change!

There has never been a prouder moment to be an America. The American voters has giving it's blessing to tolerance and diversity. They have voted for truth and honesty. We are a nation that believes in rewarding work and honest living; taking care of ours and neighbors. There is no us versus them - and there is no rewarding divide and conquer approach in a democracy. Tonight - the voices of reason has spoken and the hate has lost. Obstructionism must now give way to patriotism. Be proud America - for you have validated your place on this planet as the shining light on the hill - the world will follow us once again - PROUDLY - God Bless the UNITED States of America!!!


  1. "They have voted for truth and honesty"

    But they didn't. They voted for Barack Obama. There's no truth or honesty in that bastard.

    Promised to close Guantanamo Bay. Instead, not only is it still opened but he signed NDAA into law and can now throw US citizens without trial into prison

    Promised to lower health care costs under Obamacare. Instead health care costs has increased.

    Promised not to raise taxes on households making less than $250,000. Instead their taxes went up.

    Promised that unemployment wouldn't rise higher than 8% if his stimulus plan passed. Unemployment was over 8% for 43 months. From 1948 to 2008, the total number of months of where unemployment was over 8% was 39 months total. He did worse on the economy than the previous ten presidents combined.

    Obama promised to cut the deficit in half. Instead, the deficit tripled.

    Quit shilling for the donkey party and have some integrity.


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