Saturday, December 21, 2013

Comprehensive Immigration Reform Held Hostage by Republican Party Bigots in House and Districts

That's right. The real reason that the GOP controlled House of Representatives and the cowardly Speaker John Boehner refuse to let the House vote on comprehensive immigration bill that the Senate has already passed is that the Speaker and the House are being held hostage by Bigots. Those are a minority of House republicans from so-called "safe Districts." Why are these districts safe and so empowers such a minority of congressional representatives? Lack of diversity back home. That's right. Just like the GOP primary voters - mostly old and white. That demographic is increasingly fearful of the direction of the country - which is browner and less white.

Dick Cheney calls Obama Liar - Lets revisit the biggest and deadliest lie in America History - IRAQ

Chris Mathews on Hardball took former Vice President Dick Cheney to task for calling the President of the United States Barack Obama a liar.  Let's examine this; the president perhaps made a mistake in telling the American public that with Obamacare, Americans will be able to keep their current health coverage if the wish, which turned not not to be true. 

On Debt Limit Increase - President Obama is Right not to Negotiate with Republicans

I was glad to hear that President Obama - once again will not allow Congressional Republicans to hold the nation hostage over raising the debt limit. That's right Mr. President -- call their bluff. Let's see if the GOP is suicidal enough in an election year to let America go into default over money that they, the Congress already spent but want to negotiate over paying the bill when it comes due.