Meg Whitman employs illegal then disses her for politics

 Once again, another super wealthy republican is caught not practicing what they always preach.  This is yet another glaring example of their "Do as I say - not as I do" attitude.  Like those members of Congress, such as Larry Craig and Mark Foley, who railed against Bill Clinton and voted for his impeachment because of his affair with Monica Lewinski only to be caught later in their own sex scandals, the Meg Whitman's of the world know very well that it is the employing of illegal immigrants that is partially sustaining our fragile economy due to the low wages and lack of any benefits for often difficult and unpleasant work.  And as someone who made millions in BIG Corporate America as CEO of the giant auction site EBAY, Ms. Whitman knows exactly what is revealed in this video, that you can exploit illegals and spit them out whenever you like.  This is not politics.  Even if her attorney may have a political agenda -  you must answer the substantive charges lodged against you by your former housekeeper Ms. Nicandra Diaz-Santillan.

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