Obama is not the answer that liberals and blacks hoped for

From 1992 to 2000, America was blessed with a president who will surely go down as the peoples president. A man much maligned by the opposition for both his political mastery and his moral short comings. Say what you will about Bill "Bubba" Clinton, but he was and is the first Black president of the United States. Trust me - were we to follow the "One-Drop" rule, surely we would find at-least two drops in that soul of his.

But beside the trumpet playing and his ability to connect with Blacks, particularly at their churches, his policies helped to expand the black middle class like no other leader before or after him. You say but we have a black president. True - but so what? This is the true disappointment that liberals and many blacks feel with respect to President Obama. It is the Clearance Thomas effect in action. A "brother" in the most powerful of positions who appears uncomfortable in his own skin.

I have grown tired of watching president Obama 'shucking-n-jiving' like a little sambo in order to please the loud conservative bigots. The reality is that no matter how many terrorists he kills or gays he kicks out of the military they will never accept him. Instead of delivering on the promise, including advancing policies that favor blacks and other minorities, president Obama spends time on issues like cap and trade, energy, and global warming. A foreign language that starving and struggling people can't comprehend.

Will there ever be a better opportunity for Blacks and other minorities to have a president who can justify a tilt in their favor? If not you then who? Hillary 2012!!!

More soon