House Majority Leader Eric Cantor Fears Birthers - Refuses to Call Them Crazy

The Republican leadership continue their love-affair with fringe elements of the American electorate. Today, the host of Meet the Press, David Gregory, repeatedly sought to have Mr. Cantor call those who continue to believe that President Barack Obama is not an American citizen - "Crazy." Mr. Cantor retorted that he did not want to engage in "name calling." That is not leadership. Mr. Gregory did not ask for him to call any particular individual crazy -- rather the notion and by extension - believers of such lunacy - are indeed Crazy and out of the mainstream.

His refusal to call-out such un-patriotic ignorants serves as an affirmation that his party is now controlled, at-least at the primary level, by bigots who will punish those who detract from their caricature of the president as a foreigner who is somehow destroying 'their country.' Take "our country" back? From who? And where was the Tea Party when George Bush was destroying this country in every way possible.

The GOP's continued 'respect' for the idiots who are full of hate - will continue pushing it down a road where it will become a party of the Ku Klux Klan and Nazi sympathizers. In other word -- CRAZY!!!


  1. I thought the 'Birther's' ideas were nonsense.
    After several years I have been convinced they nailed it. I expect we will know the truth in a few years. Laughing at a charge does not wash it away.


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