President Obama must back freedom in the Muslim and Arab world - even against oil

president Barack Obama and Saudi King AbdullahPresident Barack Obama and Saudi Arabia King Abdullah (left)
For far too long, America has played both the villain and hero with respect to our dealings with some of the worlds most renown dictators and authoritorian regimes. Our beloved country has been lovie-dovie with some of the most repressive governments on the face of the earth. For so-called "strategic" reasons. Well you are for freedom and the leader of the free world - or - you are not. It is time to stand for what America examplifies - freedom and opportunity - rather than continually selling-out our very souls in order to satisfy a "strategy." Watching people die and suffer - while our government turn a blind eye to the suffering - because of this 'Ally' crap must come to an end!

President Obama has an opportunity to earn his Nobel Peace prize by siding with freedom and delivering on the hopes and dreams that this world saw in him as candidate Obama. Many are called -- but few are chosen. It may cost us some barrells of that black gold - LET Freedom Ring!