Tunisia's Fight is a Revolution That Can Light a Path For Others in Africa and Middle East

There comes a time when the oppressed refuse to take it anymore. Dictators are cowards who hide behind their millitary by bribing them. They pillage the finances of the nation and enrich themselves along with their friends and families -- while masses of the people struggle on with no end or change in sight. There are no better days. Your dreams and aspirations are just that - never to come to fruition.

There comes a time when that anger within explodes in the face of that cowardly power. The 'Ruler' for life. The dictator is an addict. High on the dibilitating narcotic called POWER. Maming and killing those whom a leader is supposed to protect and care for -- the People. Instead they resort to unspeakable acts against them. Horrific acts such as maming, tortue, rape, and often mass killings - just to strike fear in their subjects in order to avoid challenges to their addiction.

But thank God that every now and then a people are inspired to break the mental shakels. They wake-up to their own existence and realizing that they have been duped by a coward - a simmering powder Keg explodes - this is the climax. The culmination of years of seeking dignity, justice, and respect.

The courageous people of Tunisia are the latest to edge their mark on the marble of great revolutions. It took one act by a a young college graduate who could not find work so he set-up his little stand to sell somethings so that he could feed his family -- then the dicatators police took that away. That young man -- feeling hopeless and in deep despair, set himself on fire. Now the dictator, Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali, is in exile. They always run like dogs when things get hot.

Now it is time for all the nations of Africa and the Middle East to answer the call to Freedom and throw the Cowardly OPPRESSORS OUT!!!