Allen West To Liberals: Get the Hell Out Of The U.S. : Classic Uncle Tom

Allen West
Allen West (R- Florida)- is on Crack - or something like it. Seriously -- the guy needs to have his head examined. It must be difficult being an African-American in a party that, if you are black, must exhibit self-hate before they vote for you. Politicians the likes of Allen West, Allen Keyes, and Herman Cain, have one thing in common - hatred for their community, history, culture, and most tragically, themselves! Such creatures who find themselves in the party of 'DIXIE' dare not whisper a kind word about our nation's first Black President, Barack Obama, for fear they would be labeled 'Nigger Lover' within that party - thus they are relegated to playing the role of "Uncle Toms" - and must please "Da Massa" at all times in order to stay in the house. This is nothing new as there has always been "Uncle Toms (Wikipedia)," aka "House Negros" within the black community dating back to slavery!

"... Uncle Tom, or dutiful, long-suffering servant faithful to his white master or mistress."

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*Updated 01/29/12

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