Mitt Romney Says Undocumented Workers Will Deport Themselves -- Really?

Just when I thought Mr. One-Percenter Mitt Romney could not get more out of touch with the real world. The world wherein the other Ninety-nine percent of us reside -- he goes and attempts to pander to the Latino voters by trying to sound humane - while contradicting his previous right-wing 'Deport them' stance that he took in Iowa and South Carolina. Now he says we are not going to be so cruel as to 'round them-up.' Instead, give them temporary permits to work - then when their time run out, and no more jobs for them here, they will -- get this -- "SELF - DEPORT!" (LOL)

Yes - that's the kind of leadership you get from a guy who takes every side of every issue depending on his audience. Say what you will about Newt Gingrich - but at-least on this issue, he is consistent, regardless of the audience he is in front of. Mitt Romney is the biggest joke in American politics today - perhaps - EVER!