The Republican Party Has Created a Huge Mess for Itself : Big Fight Ahead

Sarah Palin and Newt Gingrich
The Republican party has had one unifying symbol the past three years - President Barack Obama. However, the recent battles bewteen the Obama administration and congressional Republicans exposed an ideological and policy rift within the party that liberals and independents warned would come to a head once the nation, and most significantly, moderates and independents began to pay attention. The emerging portrait of the Republican party is not pretty. Gone are moderate and common sense voices as the GOP have been pulled far to the right of the American electorate. The party establishment is well aware of this fact: The wackos have infiltrated their party and the Supreme Court's ruling in the Citizen United case, have all but stripped any control from the organized party structure. Thus - the move to insure a moderate like Mitt Romney who can win a fair share of independent votes, is their choice to head the GOP ticket in November - regardless of his previous liberal record as Governor of Massachusetts. Now we have the Sarah Palin wing versus the John MacCain Republicans.

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