Requirement for Republican Party Nomination: Hate! Hate! and Hate!

That's right. The party that claims Jesus Christ but does not practice the teachings of Jesus know not how or who to love. They love the wealthy and powerful - and despise the weak and poor. They ridiculed then candidate Barack Obama for working as a community organizer, even though he could have gone to work for upwards of six-figure salary right out of Harvard Law School. Jesus was a community organizer - idiots!

Hypocrites pure and simple. The Bible says know them by the fruits they bare. Well - I don't hear anything coming out of today's 'Republic' party about fixing the poverty issues or the sad state of affairs regarding the dwindling middle class. Just more tax cuts for the rich, as they fight tooth and nail to oppose extension of tax cuts aimed at helping the middle class and poor.

All who wish to win a GOP nomination - primary at any level - must HATE! Hate who? Everybody but other haters in their ranks. Hate blacks, hate immigrants, hate the poor, hate the disabled, hate women who want to make their own choices about their bodies, hate homosexuals (even those fighting for our country), hate the United Nations, hate Muslims, and even hate Mormons (notice Mitt 'Mormon' Romney can't get above 25% and John 'Mormon' Huntsman is at single digits).

The message is clear - if you love everybody and believe in equality for all - stay out of today's Republic Party. They only talk Jesus - but they don't walk in his works. So if you are a 'Hater' - the GOP wants you!

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  1. Nonesense.
    The Good Samaritan used his own money, not money confiscated by a group who knows how to spend it better than he does.
    Republcans are documented as being more generous of their income than Democrats, when it comes to charities.
    And the advice from Paul was 'Those that will not work, should not eat.'
    Making more people needy of Government Aid is on Obama's agenda. You may have been added to his list. Congrats.


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