President Obama Fights Back - Speaker Boehner Says Obama Economic Message Divides Americans

House Speaker John Boehner

Finally, President Obama has began to fight back and the Republicans have been exposed for the obstructionists that they have been. Never has the opposition party in the United States House of Representatives been so united (nearly 100%) against everything a president has tried to do for the good of the country. For example, take the much maligned Stimulus Bill; the GOP were virtually unanimous in voting against it - yet showed up in their districts for photo-ups with stimulus checks in hand. If the act was a 'socialist' overreach - wouldn't the principled thing to do be refusal of the checks? Now they are crying foul and going around talking about how the President's rhetoric about income disparity amounts to class warfare. This is Pure BS (Bullshit)! It is the GOP who have legislated against the poor and middle class for years. Their advocacy of a tax code and economic policies tilted to the top twenty-percent of income earners and wealthy investors like Mitt Romney and Warren Buffett that is spurring anger from ordinary working class Americans.

Also, Speaker John Boehner should answer for his party's rhetoric regarding President Obama being the "Food Stamp" president or socialist; which is totally untrue. The problem for Republicans is the fact that the economy is on the rebound and they played zero part in it. Each week, more and more Americans say that the country is headed in the right direction. For instance, General Motors is once again the number one auto manufacturer in the world, thanks to the Obama Administration and, at the time, Democratic Congress for bailing out the auto industry - with solid opposition by Republicans in Congress. Now the pandering to the extremists in this country for the past three years is coming back to bite the GOP as moderates and independents begin to tune-in to the stark choice before the nation: Steady forward or return to voodoo economics that started the worst recession in recent American history.

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