Comprehensive Immigration Reform Held Hostage by Republican Party Bigots in House and Districts

That's right. The real reason that the GOP controlled House of Representatives and the cowardly Speaker John Boehner refuse to let the House vote on comprehensive immigration bill that the Senate has already passed is that the Speaker and the House are being held hostage by Bigots. Those are a minority of House republicans from so-called "safe Districts." Why are these districts safe and so empowers such a minority of congressional representatives? Lack of diversity back home. That's right. Just like the GOP primary voters - mostly old and white. That demographic is increasingly fearful of the direction of the country - which is browner and less white.

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These bigots have made the prevention of comprehensive immigration reform their last stand; and any elected official who so much as lift a voice in support of such legislation -- will be out of a job by the next election. You have to realize that there is little or no diversity in these districts.

They are pockets in this country where Obama is most hated - mostly for what he symbolizes -- the growing acceptance of people of color, and, immigrants by the majority in this country. To these closed minded electorate, the best thing to do to undocumented immigrants is to either jail or deport them.

 Both unrealistic solutions; ask Mitt Romney, because in order to win over that GOP base, he came up with the policy of self-deportation. Which meant creating conditions in America so harsh for undocumented immigrants that they would rather leave on their own than remain in the United States.

 Romney arguably ceded the White House to Barack Obama because of the majority's reaction to such inhumane proposition. So just as they continue to delegitimize the country's first minority president, the republican primary voters want to hold on to whatever pockets of whiteness they still have. To that end - they will prevent comprehensive immigration reform by all means necessary.

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