Dick Cheney calls Obama Liar - Lets revisit the biggest and deadliest lie in America History - IRAQ

Chris Mathews on Hardball took former Vice President Dick Cheney to task for calling the President of the United States Barack Obama a liar.  Let's examine this; the president perhaps made a mistake in telling the American public that with Obamacare, Americans will be able to keep their current health coverage if the wish, which turned not not to be true. 

 However, that was about getting people health insurance.  Fixing our broken health care system as he attempts to extend affordable coverage to more Americas.  President Obama has since apologized and indeed millions of Americans have now signed-up for health care, including 4 million new medicaid recipients.

Now what about the Iraq war, which was a deadly lie orchestrated by a war criminal -- Dick Cheney.  The above video illustrates the magnitude of the biggest fraud ever perpetrated  on the American people and the world.  If the Iraq conspiracy, which killed and injured hundreds of thousands of American soldiers and innocent Iraqis, had been orchestrated by an African country and its leadership, those leaders would at the Hague facing war crimes.  Dick Cheney lied and thousands DIED!!!