Mitch McConnell lying to GOP voters and America about agenda

The GOP continue to sell snake oil to its talk radio and fox news zombies.  It's easy to believe anything siad about President Obama when you know your audience detest the very APPEARANCE of the man Americans overwhelmingly elected less than two years ago.  The  leadership of the Republican party has giving in to the Bigots and Homophobes within their ranks and now -- they have clearly lost the ability to speak the TRUTH.  The recession began when they were in control.  They passed numerous bills - medicare part B, two wars, tax cuts to the wealthy, no child left behind, all Deficit Spending that Mr. "Slick Micth" wants the American public to simply forget, while asking them to let the same bunch get another CRACK at it - DEPRESSION!

As I watched Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell, I was struck by his ability to flat-out lie with ease.  Two-faced McConnell started to squirm when Christian Amanpour pointed out that he and his leadership has been rejected by the far-right voters in his party in favor of the more fringe elements within the GOP.  Also, noticed how "Slick Mitch" switched the question?  How is it that a small business assistance bill that - although would add 30 billion to the federal deficit and is much needed, requires a cut elsewhere any the budget in the interest of "Deficit Reduction" but extending the Bush "Vodoo" economics tax cuts to the billionaires, which all reputable experts agree would add 3.5 TRILLION to the deficit over ten years, does not require cuts to offset.

Update 9/30/10 at 11:38 pm