GOP Voters Give Party Establishment the Finger by Picking Newt Gingrich

It is time to express anger in GOP world. To express this anger - there is no longer consideration for a so-called 'Washington Outsider;" no - they want a junkyard Dog. A dirty fighter who is by all definition - filthy! Like an ethically challenged, adulterer, forty-year DC veteran politician like Newt Gingrich. Say what you will about the guy - but he knows how to jab, and follow-up with a right hook. Newt Gingrich can punch and counter-punch with the best of them. He is even able to shrug off more than a quarter-million dollars in fines levied on him by the United States Congress for ethics violations when he was Speaker of the House of Representatives (see video below).

The biggest problem (out of many) with all this? He will turn off independents who decide national and most statewide campaigns in this country. The GOP establishment is well aware of this and therefore, are terrified at the prospect of Gingrich atop the ticket in November. Newt wants to be president - and he will take the whole party down if he has to -- for the chance to take on President Obama. That's how junkyard dogs Roll!!!