Newt Gingrich Feels Victimized by Citizens United Case that He Praised : Romney Boated

Former Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, Newt Gingrich, got more than he bargained for when supporters of fellow GOP presidential candidate, Mitt Romney, unleashed the power of the Super-PAC on him. Within days of taking the lead in the polls in the Iowa Caucuses, Gingrich, in his own words -- "I feel Romney Boated!" A reference to the "Swift Boat" ad campaigns that doomed John Kerry's run for the presidency.

The barrage of negative ads that against Gingrich was made possible by the United States Supreme Court's ruling in the Citizen United case which essentially allowed corporations and unions to raise unlimited funds and spend it as they wish -- with few limitations. Gingrich praised the decision - and still supports it. However, he has been sounding like a cry baby of late because he and other GOPers believed that the ruling would allow their corporate friends to match the union spending which favors the democrats.

Here is what Gingrich said about the Citizens United ruling:

Citizens United v. FEC is the best chance that we have to overturn some of the most egregiously restrictive aspects of campaign finance law. This is a historic opportunity to strike a blow for the First Amendment.

“For a state this size, to spend that number of dollars in negative ads aimed at one candidate is pretty amazing," said Gingrich regarding the pro-Romney Super PAC spending in Iowa. Then appearing on CNN's "Piers Morgan Tonight," Gingrich Said of Mitt Romney “If he would be willing to just be man enough to say, ‘You know, this is my negative campaign and I admit it,’ I’d be a lot happier,” Said Gingrich. “What I find very frustrating, and frankly irritating,” he said, is someone who “wants to run for president of the United States who can’t be honest with the American people.” Sounds like he regrets supporting the ruling to me.

But not to be out done -- Romney had a response to Gingrich's crying -- “Well, I understand Newt must be very angry and I don’t exactly understand why, but look, I wish him well,” said Romney. “It’s a long road ahead. He’s a good guy. I like he and Callista. We’ve got many months ahead of us, so I’ll leave it at that.”

And with that - let the GOP bloodbath begin -- and the winner? BARACK OBAMA!!!