On Iran - Senators Bob Menendez and Charles Schumer are Traitors to America and President Obama

The President had it right. It is pure politics - with bought and paid for politicians in his own party ignoring his call to give peaceful negotiations a chance. Certainly some in the GOP will do anything to embarrass this president; even if it hurts our great country. But when it is two senior Senators from his own party doing the undermining of a serious diplomatic effort with Iran - one must ask - why? Yes - question their motives because their reasoning is outright nonsense.

These sellouts claim that they want these sanctions in place in case the current negotiations fail - only then would they take effect. This after our entire diplomatic team has urged them to not do so because it would undermine and indeed destroy the process.

 They have ignored the State Department, Secretary John Kerry, and President Obama who have all urged them to wait - and if the peaceful negotiations fail, then he will join them in tightening the noose on Iran. A very reasonable proposition. Instead, bought and paid for politicians like Menendez and Schumer want to pound their chest as if they or their children will have to go and die should America once again find itself at war in the Middle East.

I would expect foolishness like this from a Ted Cruz or a Rand Paul - but not two distinguished Senators from the president's own party. AIPAC and the Israeli lobby are powerful indeed - TRAITORS!!!

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