Saturday, January 29, 2011

President Obama must back freedom in the Muslim and Arab world - even against oil

president Barack Obama and Saudi King AbdullahPresident Barack Obama and Saudi Arabia King Abdullah (left)
For far too long, America has played both the villain and hero with respect to our dealings with some of the worlds most renown dictators and authoritorian regimes. Our beloved country has been lovie-dovie with some of the most repressive governments on the face of the earth. For so-called "strategic" reasons. Well you are for freedom and the leader of the free world - or - you are not. It is time to stand for what America examplifies - freedom and opportunity - rather than continually selling-out our very souls in order to satisfy a "strategy." Watching people die and suffer - while our government turn a blind eye to the suffering - because of this 'Ally' crap must come to an end!

President Obama has an opportunity to earn his Nobel Peace prize by siding with freedom and delivering on the hopes and dreams that this world saw in him as candidate Obama. Many are called -- but few are chosen. It may cost us some barrells of that black gold - LET Freedom Ring!

A Revolution in Egypt as Dictator Hosni Mubarak Strikes a Defiant Pose

The Egyptian Dictator, President Hosni Mubarak, an American Ally, refused to heed the drumbeat of freedom's day. Like all the power hungary "leaders" for life, they wait until it is too late. No person should be president of a people's nation for thirty-years. No nation should be ruled under a 'State of Emergancy" for thirty-years. America and indeed - the freedom loving - self-respecting world should cheer this triumph.

Fight on Egypt - Fight in Cairo - and free yourself of the oppressors who have denied you for far too long. March on to Freedom's beat for this is your time. All DICTATORS beware -- the people won't take it no MORE. On to LIBYA - be free Tripoli - be free CAIRO!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Fight For Freedom in Egypt - Tunisia Fire Fanning the New Revolution

These are the days they feared. The dictators. The day when the people would put their fears aside and take to the streets in a popular uprising. What will they do when millions of people move to reclaim their nation. Their self-respect. When the time comes for any caring parent - the thought is about the future. What do your children have to look forward to? If the answer is the same or worse than now - REBEL! For now it is time for a proud people to take your rightful place on the world stage - Equality and Justice - Rebel!!!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Obama Urges Togetherness as He Co-ops Republican Policies in State of the Union Speech

President Barack Obama, looking and sounding like a man above 50% approval rating, clearly positioned himself in the center of the political spectrum. He began by applauding his party's successful implementation of a more liberal agenda in his first two years in office; but then went after the republicans on their turf. Calling for review of government regulations on business that hamper growth, finding ways to close tax loop-holes in order to reduce the corporate tax burden, and perhaps most surprising to both liberals and conservatives alike - calling for malpractive litgation reform - something that coming from a lawyer - amounts to political 'blasphemy.'

The President is showing-off his Chicago-style political prowess. I love his Wu-Tang style!!!

President Obama Should Highlight Centrist Policies in State of The Union Speech

After the self-proclaimed "shillacking" he and his democratic party took in the 2010 mid-term elections, president Barack Obama has scored major vistories with the help of -- will you believe? The Republicans! Before the lame duck Congress left town, the President was able to secure repeal of the anti-gay legislation known as 'Don't ask, don't tell'. He sought and won extension of unemployment benefits for the long-term unemployed. On the Foreign policy front, he was able to get his nuclear arms reduction and verification treaty with the Russians ratified by the Senate with strong bipartisan support.

How did this happen? President Obama 'tricked' the republican leadership into his trap. For months leading-up to the mid-term elections, Mr. Obama had been publicly against extension of the Bush tax cuts for the wealthiest earners; that being the only bargaining tool republicans had for opposing literally every legislative item of his presidency, Mr. Obama smartly gave-in to their demands for the tax-cuts. In doing so, he avoided the "tax-and-spend" montra that is always thrown at the democrats - and forces the republican party to do something that they have not done since President Ronald Reagan, provide a vision - with specificity - publicly to the American people.

Mr. Obama, after suffering potentially devastating losses, have come back BIG by moving to the heart of the American electorate - that crucial center which is the 'sweet spot' of American politics. The Liberals have no where to go and the stakes remain too high for them not to vote in 2012 - and for Obama. The economy is improving and the unemployment picture gets better by the week. It seem without fighting for extension of the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy, the republicans have nothing else to offer the American people -- except reading the Constitution to them from the House floor. That helped the unemployed!!!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor Fears Birthers - Refuses to Call Them Crazy

The Republican leadership continue their love-affair with fringe elements of the American electorate. Today, the host of Meet the Press, David Gregory, repeatedly sought to have Mr. Cantor call those who continue to believe that President Barack Obama is not an American citizen - "Crazy." Mr. Cantor retorted that he did not want to engage in "name calling." That is not leadership. Mr. Gregory did not ask for him to call any particular individual crazy -- rather the notion and by extension - believers of such lunacy - are indeed Crazy and out of the mainstream.

His refusal to call-out such un-patriotic ignorants serves as an affirmation that his party is now controlled, at-least at the primary level, by bigots who will punish those who detract from their caricature of the president as a foreigner who is somehow destroying 'their country.' Take "our country" back? From who? And where was the Tea Party when George Bush was destroying this country in every way possible.

The GOP's continued 'respect' for the idiots who are full of hate - will continue pushing it down a road where it will become a party of the Ku Klux Klan and Nazi sympathizers. In other word -- CRAZY!!!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Tunisia's Fight is a Revolution That Can Light a Path For Others in Africa and Middle East

There comes a time when the oppressed refuse to take it anymore. Dictators are cowards who hide behind their millitary by bribing them. They pillage the finances of the nation and enrich themselves along with their friends and families -- while masses of the people struggle on with no end or change in sight. There are no better days. Your dreams and aspirations are just that - never to come to fruition.

There comes a time when that anger within explodes in the face of that cowardly power. The 'Ruler' for life. The dictator is an addict. High on the dibilitating narcotic called POWER. Maming and killing those whom a leader is supposed to protect and care for -- the People. Instead they resort to unspeakable acts against them. Horrific acts such as maming, tortue, rape, and often mass killings - just to strike fear in their subjects in order to avoid challenges to their addiction.

But thank God that every now and then a people are inspired to break the mental shakels. They wake-up to their own existence and realizing that they have been duped by a coward - a simmering powder Keg explodes - this is the climax. The culmination of years of seeking dignity, justice, and respect.

The courageous people of Tunisia are the latest to edge their mark on the marble of great revolutions. It took one act by a a young college graduate who could not find work so he set-up his little stand to sell somethings so that he could feed his family -- then the dicatators police took that away. That young man -- feeling hopeless and in deep despair, set himself on fire. Now the dictator, Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali, is in exile. They always run like dogs when things get hot.

Now it is time for all the nations of Africa and the Middle East to answer the call to Freedom and throw the Cowardly OPPRESSORS OUT!!!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Ronald Reagan Believed in the Idea of Amnesty Because He Had Common Sense

Article first published as Ronald Reagan Believed in the Idea of Amnesty Because He Had Common Sense on Technorati.

It baffles my mind how conservatives often 'split-up' President Ronald Reagan into two people. One, the Conservative icon who ended the cold war — which then left the United States standing as the Only super power on the planet. The other president Reagan, I think they would like to forget. Why? He applied common sense approach to what was then, and is now, the defining issue of our time: Immigration Reform.

Perhaps it is because as an immigrant from the west African Nation of Ghana, I benefited from the fact Mr. Reagan believed in the idea of Amnesty. How did I end-up here? My parents wanted my sister and I to have a chance at a better life. When poor people from all over the world dream of such things the best education, in a free and diverse society, they inevitably arrive at America. For good or bad, America's success fuels the tremendous desire to come here - to seek opportunities that one cannot find anywhere else.

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